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Public liability insurance covers the damage, bodily injury, or death compensation of a third person that was caused on your property grounds. The insurance is usually bought for covering business requirements, those working for home, landlords, and consultants.

The insurance protects the owner from any third party claim for suing the owner for damaging the person’s property/finances/physical health. Though, public liability is given utmost important by all professional advisers, and the government as well, many businesspersons and proprietors do not take it seriously. People usually neglect it claiming that the possibility of any happenstances as such is minimal, and that any negligence or error on their behalf will never be made. Nevertheless, what they do not realize is that no one plans errors or negligence. Even if there are no mistakes committed there may be a third party who is adamant to sue your business or extract money through compensation.

Further, the internet is full of public liability cases that almost shut the businesses down. Two of the high profiled public liability cases are enlisted below.

  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s (KFC) Salmonella case

Monika Samaan, the plaintiff, alleged that KFC chicken twister that was bought by her father contained the Salmonella bacteria, which had caused her injury. The case was filed against KFC in the year 2005. Not just herself, but all members of the family suffered injury after consuming KFC, and all were hospitalized due to Salmonella poisoning. The injuries suffered by plaintiff and her family were physical as well as intellectual. Injuries included organ system failures, severe brain injury, septic shock, and spastic quadriplegia. With evidences of witnesses and several other similar cases coming up, the court finally decided in favor of the plaintiff, Monika Samaan.

Though several questions rose regarding other food that the family ate in contrast to the minimal fraction of KFC, numerous evidential gaps, and inconsistency in documentary evidence, etc. the case fell against KFC. The KFC has filed a notice of intention.

  1. McDonald’s

A young 22-year old Jessica Wishart filed another public liability case against McDonald’s in 2013. She alleged to have been scalded by a cup of coffee served in the restaurant. Stella Leibeck had filed a similar case against McDonald’s in 1994 claiming that she suffered third degree burns due to a cup of coffee that spilled on her lap.

None of the mentioned incidents was predictable or intentional, nor did the big and established name of two big companies save them from compensation. Additionally, these are merely two cases while the internet is flooding with thousands of such cases that speak about child falling from a window and suffering brain injury, workload stress causing psychiatric injury, employer’s liability for employee’s theft, etc.

Hence, the public liability insurance sydney is not to be taken lightly by any business no matter which industry it concerns. Several insurance providers and brokerages work online to provide quotes in as instantly as 10 seconds. There are websites that make comparisons easy between various insurance policies. Getting desirable coverage in lesser amount is just a matter of few clicks. Therefore, get your insurance as soon as possible before your business makes any expensive mistake.

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