Imagine your cleaning business employs 100 domestic workers that are each assigned different houses. How will you maintain the record of what each one of them are doing at each point of the day?

Worker A might be babysitting

B might be moping floor

C maybe cleaning glasses

D must be dusting expensive chandeliers, or sweeping luxurious carpets.

All good, right?

Now imagine what if worker C broke the glass and hurt himself? What if D broke that expensive part of the chandelier, or damaged the carpet? If worker A feeds the child unintentionally with expired milk powder, which upset the child’s stomach, who will be responsible?

The answer is simple, you. You and your company business will be questioned for all the damage caused to your clients as well as for all the harm suffered by your workers. Amid these risks, it is safe and wise to use a solution – cleaning insurance.

Cleaning insurance Sydney will protect your business against the compensation and cost of,

  1. Medical supplies and treatment for any worker who was injured while carrying out your business activities.
  2. Any damage that comes to homeowner’s property due to worker’s negligence.
  3. Loss of cleaning equipments.
  4. Worker (employee) fidelity regarding customer’s cash, gadgets, etc.

These immediate risks are associated with cleaning business, which require safeguards in order to avoid,

  1. Loss of income
  2. Loss of labor
  3. Loss of reputation
  4. Undue legal expenses

Bearing in mind the essential requirements of cleaning services, more insurance providers prepare a complete coverage for the business owners to run it safely.

  1. Worker’s compensation insurance – As discussed in the beginning, your business is liable for any physical or intellectual harm caused to your employees during business activities. If your employee burns his hand with the cleaning fluid, your business provided him, or if an employee suffered severe intellectual harm due to your business timings, you will be held accountable. The employee may ask for paid leaves, medical costs, or compensation. He may sign legal petition against your company. To avoid such unwarranted expenses, keep worker’s loyalty, and customer’s trust, you will need to spend unplanned money. Worker’s compensation insurance will cover you against them.
  1. Public liability insurance – What if your customer’s child slips on the floor your worker has just mopped? He has already fallen, is crying, and sobbing, parents have already rushed towards him, he has probably broken a limb, twisted his ankle, or suffered a sprain, and all eyes are now at your worker and your company. Take another example of worker D. The chandelier is broken now or the imported carpet they bought is spoiled. Public liability insurance will take care of all the expenses of compensations.
  1. General property insurance – This insurance will cover the loss of specialized cleaning equipments.
  1. Fidelity insurance – Your customer’s house is, say invaded. All the cash is missing along with gadgets and expensive jewels, your worker is the suspect or is indeed the thief. Fidelity insurance will cover the cost of compensation or lawsuit in such severe situation.

Cleaning business is a successful industry that can earn huge profit and generate big numbers in revenue. Right insurance with sufficient coverage will make sure the business runs uninterrupted and earns undisturbed. Select Insure can help you buy the best and most relevant insurance for your business. Get instant quote at www.selectinsure.com.au