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It’s an insurance policy that covers property owners from financial losses that connected with the rental properties, it covers the building with the any type of insuring content that belong to the inside landlords also it separated from the emergency covers.


In this type of insurance, you’ll get some types of covers that’ll protect your property such as:

  1. Landlord building insurance per property– it’s covers your property from all the damages like fire or smoke, subsidence, oil or water leakage, etc.
  2. Content insurance per property– this policy covers your furniture, household’s utensils, curtains & carpets, etc. also you can extend the level of covers due to which the accidental damage is also covered.
  3. Portfolio insurance– in this you can insure five or more properties on the same policy with the one premium and one rental date.
  4. Home emergency expenses– this policy protect you 24 hrs. a day for emergencies such as lost keys, down pipes and guttering, etc. it’s require 12 months services.
  5. Legal cover– this cover provide your legal protection for any type of event like repossession, prosecution defense, accommodation costs etc.

Every insurance policy is different and have different items or terms, this policy will covers standard perils like fire, explosion, storm, theft, etc. these items may not include in any other type of insurance. You’ll get some benefit in Landlord Insurance policy such as:

  1. Cover landlord’s contents and full building
  2. Covers for lost rent with the rent default option
  3. Malicious damage cover option and theft by tenants
  4. Covers property against natural disasters

This policy is typically don’t cover any personal property that belongs to the tenants, it protect the interest of the tenants; the ability of this policy will be the benefit for the tenants that they incur losses for that landlord is responsible.

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